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Contact Lost is an isometric, twin-stick shooter set in a science fiction setting and will feature up to 4 player co-op. The player(s), security guard(s) aboard a colony ship, are knocked unconscious and awake discovering everyone is gone and an unknown alien force has invaded the ship. Not knowing the alien's plans and outnumbered, the player(s) must fight their way through swarms of aliens, complete objectives, and make it to the escape pods to escape back to the safety of Earth.

Story Synopsis

Earth has become overpopulated and overexerted to the point where the planet can no longer recover. Due to the human species impending doom, the Earth's countries banded together to create the organization Earth High Command or EHC for short. The EHC's mission is to explore the deep reaches of space to find new suitable homes for mankind. With that goal in mind the human species created huge colonization ships that would carry a vast number of people to planets that may be suitable for colonization. Wormholes were discovered at the edge of the Sol System to help reach those far off planets. The player, a security guard aboard the Bright Horizons colony ship, travels through a wormhole destined for the "Goldilocks Planet" Kepler-22b, in the constellation of Cygnus. Upon arriving in the Kepler system, aliens assault the Bright Horizons. The main character is mysteriously knocked unconscious and wakes up to a ship with no humans left aboard. Only aliens remain on the crippled Bright Horizons.

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